Hi, this is my blog. Not 100% sure what it will contain yet. I put some LST stuff on for starters.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Predator X10 Build tips.

1. Drill the 2 threaded holes at the bottom of each rear upright with a 3mm drill, then replace the 2 M3 screws with on M3 40mm screw and nyloc nut.


2. Use Associated RC10B4 servo mounts instead of the stock X10 items. Here I have used the alloy factory team servo mounts. This pushes the servo closer to the centre line of the chassis.
Standard mounts part no. 7336.
Factory team servo mounts part no. 1779.


3. Add two Xray 303040 spacers, four M3 8mm screws and washers to the wing mounts.

3. Replace the damper shaft seals with MIP seals for less stiction and a better seal.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Predator X10.

Picture of my new Predator X10. This thing is awesome.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Traxxas Jato.

Ok, got a new Traxxas JATO at a good price limited hopups so far listed below. Pictures to follow.

  • Schumacher venom street tyres.
  • Nova rc cooling head.
  • Werks Racing Tmax 4 shoe clutch.
  • Novarossi Tuned Pipe.
  • Revo shock bodies.
  • New Era roll bar.
  • EZ Start removed and Ofna rotostart backplate fitted.
  • Bearings in brake cam and steering.
  • Hot Racing brake linkages.
  • Hot Racing Steel CVD Driveshafts.
  • Hot Racing Alluminum Gear box brace.
  • Venom 1200mAh receiver pack.
  • Hitec 5645 steering servo.
  • Hitec 635 throttle brake servo.
  • Hitec 40 Mhz receiver with failsafe.

This truck is really coming together now, it is great to drive, strong and is FAST!!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Team Losi LST Blog

This my LST which I purcahsed used from eBay. I then stripped and sold everything I had no use for and rebuilt with the hopups listed below.
  • Crowd Plaezer 2.0 Bodyshell.
  • Ofna Picco .27 Engine.
  • Motor Saver Filter.
  • Ofna Throttle Linkage.
  • Losi HA Finned Engine Mounts.
  • RPM A Arms.
  • MIP CVD.
  • CNR Brakes.
  • New Era Rollbar.
  • Losi HA Tuned Pipe.
  • RC Raven Dual Rate Springs.
  • Hitec High Torque Servo's
  • Futaba 3PK Radio/R113IP Reciever.
  • MGT Servo Savers.
  • HD/HP Skid Plates.
  • 2400mAh NiMh Batter Pack.
  • RC Screwz Stainless Screw Kit.

Further upgrades purchased but not yet fitted are litsed below.

  • Holeshot Eng CF Upper Deck.
  • Nova RC Cooling Head.

I purchase most of my LST gear from Ebay, RCBOYZ, Hobbieguyrc and Microtechracing.