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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Traxxas Jato.

Ok, got a new Traxxas JATO at a good price limited hopups so far listed below. Pictures to follow.

  • Schumacher venom street tyres.
  • Nova rc cooling head.
  • Werks Racing Tmax 4 shoe clutch.
  • Novarossi Tuned Pipe.
  • Revo shock bodies.
  • New Era roll bar.
  • EZ Start removed and Ofna rotostart backplate fitted.
  • Bearings in brake cam and steering.
  • Hot Racing brake linkages.
  • Hot Racing Steel CVD Driveshafts.
  • Hot Racing Alluminum Gear box brace.
  • Venom 1200mAh receiver pack.
  • Hitec 5645 steering servo.
  • Hitec 635 throttle brake servo.
  • Hitec 40 Mhz receiver with failsafe.

This truck is really coming together now, it is great to drive, strong and is FAST!!!!


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